Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Where Are the Stories????

Okay everyone,

In my first installment, I told the story of my love for jewelry. Now I want someone else to contribute. Please provide a comment on how you started being a jewelry lover! It doesn't have to be long.... just a sentence or two or more if you are so inclined!
I had some very kind words of encouragement from you, but now I want to hear more!!! Try asking yourself some of these questions:

1. What is it about jewelry that I love?

2. How long have I been wearing jewelry?

3. Can I pass a jewelry store without looking?

4. Can I go ONE day without wearing some form of jewelry?

That should get the ideas flowing... come on.... let's hear it!!

Until next time!!
Katie :-)





  1. This is from MissBreezysbox, a member of the American Craft Guide Community and a seller on Etsy:


    Hi- I've been wearing jewelry since I was a little girl. I do have days-working for my union-stagehand, that I don't wear even earrings. I think it's because I mainly work with men & looking good at work is not a priority. My safety is. I do have to stop & admire a piece in a window that catches my eye. There is a awesome jewelry store here in Las Vegas in the Bellagio Hotel/Casino, it's called Tesorini. They have rare gems & huge pieces. Years ago, they allowed me try on a pearl & diamond bangle bracelet that had a price tag of $500,000. I felt like a princess.