Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Think We Can Do Better!

Hello my faithful friends!

Only one contributor from the last post... I don't really like to say I'm disappointed, but, I am. I know there are more than two of us out there who really dig jewelry! I am willing to give it another go, because I am interested in what you have to say.

Here are a few more questions to stir the pot:

1. What kind of jewelry do I like? (vintage, gold, silver, beaded, ornate, rhinestone, etc.)

2. Where do I like to wear my jewelry?

3. If I forget my earrings, do I feel naked?

4. What does my jewelry say about me?

Right. Now I will start by answering these questions and I kindly ask (I would demand, but that might be a bit pushy) that you do the same.... in a comment so that we can all share!

1. I like all kinds of jewelry. Vintage is sooo cool, but I really don't wear it. Clip earrings hurt too much! I was never much for rhinestones. I love the sparkle, but wear it? No way! Of course I wear and love beaded jewelry, since that is mainly what I make. I've got to market my work somehow, don't I? Finally, I must admit to having a strong preference for silver. It started when I was young... probably because my first "real" jewelry was silver... who would entrust gold to a punk kid????

2. I like to wear it everywhere! Mainly to work, so that I can show it off and display my work, but I also wear it at home (earrings) and even to the beach. We must look our best when we are out in public, after all!

3. Of course I do!! It is just as bad as forgetting my mascara.... major faux pas and tragedy. I really haven't felt the need to actually go buy some, however, but I'll bet some of you have! Wink, wink, nudge, nudge....

4. My jewelry says I am me! I like to wear what I like... such as cats, dogs, pink, turquoise... you get the idea. It lets me express myself in ways that words just can't! I can make a statement to someone simply in passing if they see my cat jewelry... I hope I don't scare anyone away when I wear my skull bracelets.... :-

Time to get this baby posted! I am looking forward to your responses, since this is why I do this! Can you tell I am a lonely girl? Hey, one last thing... if you like vintage jewelry, you should check out my Ebay store because I am having a sale right now and the extra special thing is that if you mention this blog by sending me this code: KITBLG22 you will not only get the sale price, you will get free shipping too!!!

Toodles my bling lovers!!!
Kittie :-)


  1. Ok, Ok, I really didn't forget. I've had your original post in my inbox to remind me to post a comment. Its just been a little hectic around here lately.

    Answering the questions you posted is probably the best way for me to begin;

    1)What is it about jewelry that I love?

    Its versatiliy. The ability to change the look and tone of your outfit by just changing a few little pieces. The ability to change the texture of an individual piece of jewelry by using beads with a different texture(finish).

    2) How long have I been wearing jewelry?

    I was never able to confirm this but I think I exited the womb with a few baubles adorning my neck wrist and ears.

    3) Can I pass a jewelry store withoug looking?

    Seriously? Are there people who can do this? Do they have a support group?

    4) Can I go ONE day without wearing some form of jewelry.

    Definitely not. First, would just feel naked, second, I am my own billboard. What better way to show off my work than to wear it everywhere I go?

    5)What do I like?

    To wear - gold, gemstones in warm rich colors (I'm not a pastel person). I do have some silver pieces that I wear pretty regularly but the majority of my personal stash is gold.

    To design/sell - pretty much anything. I love beadweaving and beaded embroidery pieces. I also like to incorporate woven bits into strung pieces.

    6)Where do I like to wear my jewelry?

    Ditto on Katie's comment - everywhere.

    7)If I forget my earrings do I feel naked.

    Absolutely, I'll turn around and go home to get them. Guaranteed I'll realize within a hundred yards of home.

    8)What does my jewelry say about me?

    That I'm schizophrenic? I wear my own stash as well as items I have for sale so the messages I'm sending may be conflicting. Since I started designing jewelry I will often wear pieces I would never have worn otherwise. I tended to lean towards the classics in both clothing and jewelry. Now, while I still wear clothing in classic styles I may also wear a big chunky choker or bracelet and a pair of shoulder duster earrings too.

  2. What kind of jewelry do I like?
    I like silver or gold. I am not a HUGE gold fan but I usually almost always wear silver. It is more my style. It always looks the best on me.

    Where do I like to wear my jewelry?
    I like to wear my jewelry out while hanging out, celebrations, holidays, etc. Gatherings is the word for it. But when I am at home I don't wear any jewelry. I feel weird if I do. I can't wear earrings to bed either. To uncomfortable.

    If I forget my earrings, do I feel naked?
    Most of the time I don't wear to much jewelry in the first place. I used to wear jewelry all the time but now I have toned it down. I also just depends on where I am going when and if I forget my earrings. Then I feel weird of naked.

    What does my jewelry say about me?
    Well I usually wear small articles of jewelry. I like stud earrings with simple rings. Or long necklaces with gorgeous charms or beads hanging at the end. I like unique pieces that no one else has.

    There are my answers! ;p Hope you enjoy reading them lol