Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Traditions in Jewelry

Here we are having yet another Thanksgiving Day in the United States.  Eating turkey, ham, brisket or whatever we feel like.  Pumpkin pie with Cool Whip (yum) and plenty of other high caloric food stuffs.  Food is wonderful, to be sure, but what are we wearing?  Have we adorned ourselves with pretty Thanksgiving jewelry?  Well.... I haven't.  What, you say?  Our jewelry lover bloggonista is not all decked out in her holiday finery?  I am afraid it is true my friends.

I grew up in Michigan, a cold northerly state surrounded by water on three sides.  Oh sure, we had jewelry and we had Thanksgiving, but we didn't have Thanksgiving jewelry!  I was forced to spend my turkey day in an apron, jeans and just plain old jewelry.  No leaves, no golds, no cornucopias, you get the picture.  It was a sad existence, but we managed somehow.  I think the only thing that kept us going was the promise of red and green Christmas jewelry!

Now, as an adult (age wise, at least) I do not partake of the Thanksgiving jewelry tradition because it is not mine... I quietly suffer through the day waiting for the whole next month when I pull out my Christmas baubles and adorn myself like a Christmas tree.  December is my month to shine!

So, my adornment loving friends, what Thanksgiving  jewelry traditions do you have, or not, as the case may be?  I am dying to hear about them, because as we all know, I like sharing!  Tell the kittie your family jewelry secrets!  Come on.... you can do it... I have the utmost faith in my public!

Until next time,
Kittie :-)


  1. My Thanksgiving jewelry tradition has been the same for years. Usually I have company or we go out & I dress semi casual. Semi casual dress calls for jewelry. For the past 10 years I put a gold ring or two on,a gold pair of earrings & A beaded necklace to accent.

  2. well, you're not kidding about not wearing anything fancy... I am a witness!

  3. This comment was posted to my Indiepublic page by RenaissanceCharm:

    No thanksgiving jewellery here in Australia we don't do thanksgiving here Christmas will be here soon enough that's enough for me to deal with.
    With all that food you do for thanks giving sounds like a trial run for Christmas.
    And what is cool whip?

  4. Very nice!

    I like to dress in black and then adorn myself in a colorful and spicy jewelry ensemble to awaken my outfit. I pretty much do that every ThanksGiving. LOL.