Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy December my faithful followers! We have finally entered the "official" holiday season and that means decorations! Yes, we all know that this is our favorite time of year to decorate: houses, trees, front yards, windows, and let's not forget ourselves!

Jewelry is THE decoration of choice for humans. We have earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, tiaras (if we are royalty) and other various types of personal adornments that shall remain nameless... Personally, I am a bracelet person and in the holiday season I like to wear the traditional green and red with a little white mixed in. Of course, earrings must be worn, as well, since they are practically a part of my body. Favored colors in this genre include silver and blue. They remind me of snow and ice... not that I get too much of that in South Central Texas... but I am originally from Michigan, so I can dream, can't I? Finally, for me, there is the necklace. Lately I haven't been wearing one on a regular basis. This is due to the fact that at my job I have to wear a name badge around my neck... you can imagine the tangled mess that would ensue if I were wearing a necklace AND a badge... an ugly situation to be sure! Anyhow... my colors of choice for holiday necklaces vary with the situation and type of clothing that I am wearing. Parties call for bright colors and casual outings are more subdued with pastel shades.

Now, here comes my favorite part of the post: I am requesting your participation! Please comment on YOUR holiday jewelry habits. I am particularly interested in the party jewelry genre! After all, this is THE season for festive merry making, so we must take advantage of this atmosphere and DECK ourselves out accordingly... you know, like the HALLS. Come on, make me proud!

Until next time,
Kittie :-)


  1. Well lets see...
    When it is the Holidays I love to dress up and smell pretty and look abnormal lol

    I love to wear pearls, silver, gorgeous pieces.
    These are my combos!
    -Loud long necklace with a pair of stud earrings.
    -Simple silver necklace with stud silver earrings.
    -Simple stud earrings with unique rings and no necklace.
    -Or the simple dangled earrings with no other jewelry.

    I am simple for everyday but when it is a celebration or gathering I like to do it good. :p

    As far as colors, I would say whatever goes with the outfit.
    I usually wear red. I LOVE red! :D

  2. I'm the same for Christmas as I am thanksgiving. Gold hoop earrings with a couple gold rings & a costume necklace. I sometimes will wear small earrings to work,nothing else. I have to wear my union badge at work. Bad idea. I tuck it in my shirt pocket. That way I don't get sucked into the chain hoist. Necklaces or bracelet are a no for me at work-safety.