Monday, December 8, 2008

It's Celebration Time!

Hello my fellow jewelry lovers! It is that time, once again, to delve into the mystery and intrigue that is: self adornment! Today is especially important in that it is the one day of each year that yours truly is celebrated! That is correct my faithful ones.... I have once again lived to see another birthday!

Since today is my special day, I shall celebrate by wearing uber nice jewelry. I think a matching set of earrings, necklace and bracelet will do the trick and I know just the ensemble... I have a cute set made out of grey Czech glass cat face beads (how appropriate) and pink clear beads. I have been saving this for a rainy day.... and I think my birthday definitely fits that bill.... not that I mind getting older, but society dictates that women must fear aging... and I am never one to disappoint society!

Along with wearing my special jewelry, it is tradition in my clan to have a special birthday dinner. As a youngun, that meant that Mom would cook the dish of my choice... as an adult (so I'm told) it means going out to a restaurant of my choice. I haven't decided yet... last year it was sushi, so I don't think that will work this year. Perhaps Italian? Probably not Mexican.... I can get that any old day here in San Antonio.... well, whatever I choose, I am sure to have fun, because that's what kitties do!

Now, my possums.... it is time for our favorite part of the blog!!! How do you celebrate your birthday? What jewelry do you save for that most special of all days and to make it more fun.... what are your traditions in regards to dinner, gifts and entertainment? I am looking forward to your comments.... I am sure there is someone out there who will surprise the pants off of me!(figuratively, that is)

Until we share again,
Kittie :-D


  1. Hey there Birthday Girl,

    I hope you had a great day and had a wonderful meal.

    We, my husband and I, celebrate our birthdays in pretty much the same way you seem to. Dinner at the restaurant of our choice. This usually means the Vietnamese place a couple of towns over. We both love the stuff, can't get enough but its too far away for take-out so its still considered a treat to go there.

    As for jewelry, I have my favorites, not really special occasion pieces just things I like to wear alot. Unless, of course, I've come up with something new that I have to 'road test' before I sell it.

    Sometimes the road tested pieces become presents to moi.

    Again, I hope you had a great day.


  2. OOps!!

    I knew I forgot something.