Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hello my bling-loving friends! I have been away too long but it is not entirely my fault... an evil virus sprung into my respiratory system and laid me out for several days. I am back now, and feeling better than ever, so let's get started!

Christmas is almost upon us (one week and a day away!) and I have yet to put up my tree. Yes, it is sadly true... the queen of self adornment has not even decorated her own home. I could use the evil virus as one excuse, but I think that laziness might better describe it. So, my followers, I pose this question to you all: "How do you put yourself into the holiday mood?"

I am sadly in need of your assistance to turn this holiday season around. Oh sure, I have made a few baubles and sold a few, as well, but it hasn't seemed to give me that little push (shove, rather) that I need. Please send suggestions for my holiday cheer redemption!

Alas, this is the extent of my post for today. I am looking forward to your comments and general love-giving to boost my holiday spirits and re-energize my blogging abilities!

Kittie =^..^=


  1. I found your on ACG. I have been trying to get my biz off the ground to. I have searched the web high and low. I have posted blogs, I am hosting a giveaway and trying to get on every social website out there to get my stuff noticed. Check out my blog a and see what I am doing. I hope it helps. Please feel free to e-mail me I will be glad to help any way I can! I will link you on my blog if you like, just leave me your info.

  2. Hey Katie,

    Go to the mall.

    I know, I know, everyone avoids the malls as much as possible this time of year but if you aren't shopping it can be a wonderful place to sit and watch the awe on the kids faces and listen to their comments. It always gives my Christmas spirit a boost if I need one.

    Glad to hear your feeling better.


  3. Glad your feeling better. I started my season with sending cards out. Then I baked some cookies & decorated my house. I went shopping for my family next & baked more cookies for them. I was ready to ship away then & pretty much done. Godd luck & get your behind in gear would you.